Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Horror Sequels That Were Better Than The Original

A lot of things get a bad rap and horror movies are no exception. The genre has run the gambit with bad decision making from prequels, remakes, re-imagining and everything in between. But, never fear the horror genre still has a silver lining in it's blood soaked rainbow. Most ho-hum when it comes to the announcement of a sequel, but sometimes in those rare moments the sequel exceeds exceptions and even surpasses the original in terms of characters, storyline, setting and most important bloody goodness! So, I thought I would share which sequels I thought were to me better than the original.

The Devil's Rejects - The follow up to Rob Zombie's House of a 1000 Corpses continues with the story of the Firefly clan and the aftermath of their killing spree including the death of Sheriff Wydell, which leaves his brother out for revenge. There seems to be a love hate relationship with Zombie's House, which plays more into the vein of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in terms of mood and setting. The Devil's Rejects comes off more streamlined and on point than House did, which to me makes it a better film. The characters were further expanded into more devilish and enjoyable characters with a more condensed storyline and a darker turn which makes it a great follow up to House of 1000 Corpses.

[REC]2 - This to me has been one of the most solid franchises out there in horror. What makes me really love this sequel is what you believed was happening in the first film is explained in the sequel and it's a complete different scenario than you thought it would be. This film continues in the same setting the first film started in, which was a quarantine apartment complex, but this has a SWAT medical team who's allowed inside to help control the situation and what they find is shocking. There is not enough good things I can say about this franchise other than go and watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 - With Pinhead and the other Cenobites returning to the Leviathan the ordeal has left Kristy institutionalized and an obsessed occultist trying to resurrect Julia which unleashes Pinhead and the Cenobites once again. What I really enjoyed about this sequel is that a good portion of it takes place inside of the Leviathan to which you actually see a Cenobite being "created" so to speak. I enjoyed the continuation of the story even though they took elements of the first film they didn't rehash what the first film was like most sequels do, plus who doesn't enjoy seeing Julia slip out of her new skin.

Insidious Chapter 2 - For those that have read my previous blog entries I have expressed my fandom for director James Wan several times. I really do love the first film, which was a rare combination of a creative story, genuine jumps, twists and turns that I truly thought a PG-13 couldn't do. So, I figured with the sequel there was a slim chance that it could live up to the original, but it did and to me even surpassed it. Insidious Chapter 2 starts off with the Lambert family still dealing with the effects of what happened to them in the first film, moving into a new home, but with the supernatural entities still haunting Dalton and Josh. Wan took the overall mood and setting and turned up the creepiness with the addition of the back story of the woman in black it also explains occurrences that took place in the first film. All this combined with great directing and storytelling makes a worthwhile sequel.

Underworld: Evolution - I know this franchise doesn't get a lot of love, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the series. Underworld Evolution picks up where the first film left off with Selene and Michael running from the coven due to her killing, Viktor, leader of her coven. This film delves back to the origins of the first Vampire Marcus and his brother William, who was the first werewolf. What I like best about this sequel is it further expands on the story of the various characters, it amped up the blood and action, which are some of the right elements to make a successful sequel.

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  1. I really enjoyed Insidious 2 and Underworld Evolution. Hellraiser is one of my favorite series.