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Sunday, July 20, 2014

So, You're a Horror Fan....7 Things Horror Fans Deal With

So, You're a Horror Fan....7 Things Horror Fans Deal With

There comes a time in every horror fan's life when you have to interact with non horror people. Although it can be fun and you can make wonderful memories there are perils and reactions horror fans usually have to deal with. I am not saying you have encountered everything on this list, but I know you have at least encountered one. So, let's take a moment to embrace the reactions people have to you when you tell them you're a horror fan.

People thinking you worship the devil.
If I had a nickle for every look, comment or question I get about whether I worship Satan or am I part of a cult I would have the funds to live my dream of being independently wealthy. I think there is this assumption
that because you prefer to watch horror that you automatically enjoy the darker things in life, which I do I just don't worship the devil or sacrifice animals on the weekends.

People using examples of horribly bad horror to explain why they don't like horror.
I blame the SyFy Channel for the uprising in access to terrible horror movies. Back in the day you really had to seek out bad horror, but now it's on television on a daily basis and in marathon viewings on the weekends. So, due to this there are abundant amounts of examples that regular folks can pull from to explain to you why the genre you love is so terrible.

Having to hear...."I hate horror it doesn't scare me".
I will admit I do kind of understand this general thought with horror I mean it does say horror in the genre so one would assume that scares would be mandatory. Several horror filmmakers do try to scare their audience and some achieve this goal, but sadly most do not. But that doesn't mean that a horror movie has been a complete failure because you didn't have nightmares for weeks over it. The degree to which someone can be scared is relative to the individual. Some people (who usually sit beside me in a theater) will scream at everything that makes a sound on the screen while some people barely even register a movement with a great chest bursting scene. So, having to deal with people who only want to think a good horror movie experience is screaming your head off all night is a bit of an irritate.

People telling you that they love Halloween but they don't watch horror movies.
Now I am not saying that you have to be a hardcore horror fan in order to love Halloween, but I think just by the nature of Halloween celebrating all things scary it seems you would actually watch horror movies... other than just in the month of October. I am sure people will tell me I am in the wrong, but someone who decorates their entire house in zombie decor, but can't bring themselves to watch Romero's Night of the Living Dead....just seem a bit odd.

Hearing people say "I guess you like the Twilight movies".
Nothing gets you throat punched faster then uttering anything positive about the Twilight franchise. Who knew a basic religious shut in would damage the horror genre with her unrealistic love story, werewolves that are not werewolves and vampires that sparkle. Now, I am sure there are horror fans out there that really enjoy the Twilight movies, but I just haven't meet any yet.

*insert smirk, laugh or eye roll*
This is the one that gets me almost more angry than the Twilight statement. You tell people you are a horror fan and they automatically give you that smirk, eye roll or mini laugh. It says I have nothing to say other than to think aren't you a little to old to be liking horror? Or shouldn't you have really grown out of this faze by now. For some reason or another there seems to be this thought that being a fan of anything has a shelf life. The truth is no fandom has a shelf life and when you want to stop being a fan of something or someone then that is your choice not anyone else is.

You have to hear people's zombie outbreak plan
With the explosion of zombies into the mainstream everyone and their mother....literally have a zombie outbreak plan. So, you listen to them say to you with confidence their entire outbreak plan, which is so flawed you don't know whether to laugh or cry for them.

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