Monday, May 18, 2015

Get Rich and Buy This! Horror Statue Edition

In this first edition of Get Rich and Buy This! It's horror statues time. As horror expands further into the mainstream so do all the collectibles and there are some amazing things to collect. From action figures, commissioned art, shirts, posters and everything in between it's a great time to be a horror fan! I wanted to share several of the horror statues that I have come across and hope to own one day. Granted, you don't need to win the lottery to buy these, but it sure would help!

Click the links to order, pre-order or for further information on the statues and busts.


Hellraiser the ultimate curiosity killed the cat movie....with a puzzlebox. But, it also gave birth to one of the great horror icons of all time Pinhead. Even though the franchise has had it's hits and misses I still love Pinhead and all the Cenobites. Thankfully Sideshow Collectibles has found a truly glorious way to honor Pinhead in all his hellish glory. This Premium Format 21 inch statue is so lifelike and detailed I am ready to hear him condemn my soul to hell! Pinhead springs from the bowels of Hell for delivery in October.

Alien Big Chap Bust

If you were currently traveling in space no one would be able to hear you scream for joy over this Alien Big Chap bust. The Alien franchise helped us embrace our love for all things xenomorph and gave us a whole new concept to the phrase "free hugs". Like the Pinhead statue, this is another Sideshow working so you know the bust is spot on in accuracy of H.R. Giger's creature. The Big Chap bust is available now to burst through your horror collection!

McFarland The Walking Dead Michonne Resin Statue

There is no bigger zombie ass kicker than The Walking Dead's Michonne. She slices and dices with such ease it makes us all relish our turn in the zombie apocalypse. But, until that day comes there is a statue that can be a motivational totem for all you would be Michonne's.  This McFarland 14 inch resin statue is limited to only 1500 so unlike the zombie outbreak this will be a limited run. So, I say put your money down now before the zombies are chopping at your flesh!


I'm a Death Dealer.......I will be the first to tell you that I have no shame in loving this franchise and with the announcement of a fifth movie there is no better time to own Selene then now! I have been eyeballing this statue for quite sometime and I can tell you the moment I hit the lottery this is the first item in my online shopping cart! This statue is distributed through Hollywood Collectibles, which has several other Underworld statues. Selene is 24 inches, hand detailed and has a limited run of only 750 pieces.

American Werewolf in London Bust

Does it get anymore iconic than the werewolf from American Werewolf in London. Rick Baker's take on the transformation from human to Lycan is still unmatched and changed the way horror special effects were done. I have seen several werewolf statues and busts, but none of them look like they could attack me at any moment, which to me is a big part of it's draw. Sadly though according to the Monster Galaxy website this is currently not available, but it still would be amazing to have this in your horror collection.

P.S. This site also has a full scale Lycan, which of course is not available either, but it is worth a checkout and a bit of a drool over!

Share the horror statues you would like to buy if money were no object! Hit me up on Twitter @horrorevilqueen

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Support Horror: Mixtape Massacre on Kickstarter

Kickstarter: Mixtape Massacre

One of my guilty pleasures is playing games, especially board games. I have played all sorts of games, but being a huge horror fan I didn't really feel like their was a solid board game for my genre. Sure there are horror games out there if you are really into zombies (which I am), but how many times can you play Rick Grimes until you, yourself starts feeling like a zombie. Now it seems horror fans screams have been answered with Mixtape Massacre! If you love 80's horror and honestly what horror fan doesn't then this game is nostalgia wrapped up in a bloody good time!

Developed by Bright Light Media, Mixtape Massacre is 2-6 player, tabletop game where you get to be the killer and with killers like The Legend, Sarah, Stitches, Smiley, Thorne, Prom Queen, Nightmare and Hatchling you and your horror friends will be fighting over who you get to be more than regular folks fight over being the dog in the Monolopy game. Once you choose your character you are ready to slice and dice your way through the town of Tall Oaks leaving a trail of destruction and blood in your wake!

This Kickstater has some amazing incentives with a stretch goal of unleashing an additional horror character, Dr. Ravenous! Checkout the Kickstater link below to get all the gory details because this game is going to be as much fun as that time Angela went to summer camp!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Price of a Celebrity Autograph

The Price of a Celebrity Autograph

Last weekend I spent my time at the Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati. Horrorhoud has always been a great place for fans to get together and celebrate all things horror through celebrity interactions, panels, cosplay and vendor merchandise. There are also movie screenings, contests and just general horror goodness all around. But, sadly all good things must end and after the dust settles and fans go back home the outpouring of loving or hating parts of a con come out all over social media. I will be the first to admit I participate in these conversations whether it be good or bad. But, it appears that the one thing that is always a topic of contention with horror fans and even with people in general is celebrity autograph pricing. Attitudes on this subject range from "I would never pay for an autograph" to "How do I balance my con money when I want an autograph from everyone". I'll start off by saying I buy autographs and I have no shame in this nor do I think I am being scammed nor do I think it is ridiculous to pay for one, nor do I feel anyone should be made to feel guilty for purchasing one. Here's why I don't have an issue with it, because I pay for the experience not the autograph. 

Now, I know what people say "Your the fan they should give you the experience for free you shouldn't have to pay for them to sign their name on an item for you" or "These celebrities have tons of money why are they taking it from fans". This logic would be true if I am getting an autograph from an A-list, top tier actor, but I'm not. Acting is rarely a steady paying gig especially for horror actors. Some of these actors at cons are using this con experience to make some extra money in down times from acting or to help fund their next project. So, I am really not going to fault anyone for trying to make a little extra money, which I know that is something that people can't get past. The way I have always looked at purchasing an autograph is that I am not just paying them to put pen to paper I am standing in their line handing over my money because I am a fan first and I want to support them. I am a fangirl through and through and when I am a fan of you I support you whether it's buy your movie, book, merchandise, pledge on your Kickstarter, retweet, share your status on upcoming projects or even paying for an autograph. I also don't just pay for an autograph and walk away with just a signed picture or poster. I walk away with a solidified memory of the entire experience from the "hello" to the "good bye". 

Let's face facts I can barely remember the days of the week, but I can remember what John Landis said to me when he signed my American Werewolf in London dvd cover over 4 years ago. It's been 5 years later and I am still excited about the conversation I had with Greg Nicotero when he was signing my Grindhouse poster (which was before the Walking Dead hit). I remember meeting Danielle Harris at one con and 6 months later going to her table at a different con and her remembering me! I will never forget the Soska sisters yelling at me while I stood in their line waiting to get their autograph telling me how much they loved my American Mary cosplay and how Norman Reedus introduced himself to me as if I didn't already know who he was. I have so many amazing memories of my interactions with people I am fan of I could go on forever about them. 

It really all boils down to there is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to purchasing or not purchasing an autograph. It is really up to you the individual and how you choose to support that celebrity. I will tell you that I don't ever look at my Walking Dead poster and think this item has over $300 worth of signatures on it and think I shouldn't have had to pay for any of those. I look at it and I think of all the great interactions I have had with everyone who signed it and to me that is priceless.

Have a great con story? I would love to hear it! You can hit me up on twitter @horrorevilqueen or on my tumblr page 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Day Horror Movie Challenge - Movie #4 - The Corridor

When a group of childhood friends get together to help a friend spread the ashes of his deceased mother things take a supernatural turn when they stumble upon a mystic door that gives them unreal powers. As the supernatural presence increases in power so does the descent of the friends into complete madness. Although not a completely new concept of supernatural things in the woods it still proved to be an entertaining film. It had a Dreamcatchers vibe, if that gives you a better idea of the feel of the movie. The characters were believable the dialogue and concepts throughout moved at a good pace, with only a few parts that seemed to drag on a bit too much. The one thing that I was surprised about was there were some good moments of creepiness and suspense. I have to say I've watched several IFC Midnight films and I haven't been disappointed yet and this one is worth a view.

This film is available on Hulu.

Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Horror Movie Challenge - Movie #3 - Cabin Fever Patient Zero

I had been wanting to see this movie for awhile large in part is because I'm a completest and I had watched the previous 2 and I figured I would finish out the series. Another reason was because various horror sites had touted this film as a bloody gory good time mess with some great scenes of carnage. Well after viewing this film you can't believe everything you read. This installment finds a group of friends on a bachelor party outing who charter a boat for fun at sea to which they detour to an isolated island which of course has a flesh eating virus in the water and horror clique insanity ensues. I feel the only way I can sum up this film is as if Wyatt and Gary from Weird Science went on a Scooby adventure where everyone has flesh eating virus and those people puke on your face. The characters were the typical cookie cutter horror clique of lead guy getting ready to get married to a girl that is way way out of his league, his nice friend, his douchebag friend and a slutty girl. One of my biggest pet peeves is that Sean Astin, who could possible hold the key to this outbreak just seems out of place through the whole movie. There are several times when I thought to myself "why is he in this movie?" The acting was standard and the special effects ranged from pretty good to pretty awful. Even with saying that it wasn't a completely terrible movie, but it really wasn't that good either. It's a rather typical installment to this series and bottom line it's a movie to pass the time but don't expect greatness.

This film is available on Netflix

Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Day Horror Movie Challenge - Movie #2 -13 Sins

Elliott is a down and out guy, he is up to his neck in debt, his father's a racist, he just lost his job, he cares for his mentally handicapped brother and his fiance is pregnant. He is at his wits end with no way out. But, when he gets a mysterious phone call from a stranger asking him to participate in a game, Elliott thinks his luck might be changing. The premise of the game is that Elliott will be forced to complete 13 challenges, if he fails any challenge or informs anyone of this game he will lose the prize winning money, but if he completes all challenges then he will receive a very large sum of money that could end a lot of his troubles....but is it all worth it? I heard pretty good things about this movie so I had high hopes for it and thankfully it didn't disappoint. Granted the premise of a person being forced to their brink by competing hellish acts is nothing new, but this took it in a fresh new direction. The movie started bold and continued on with a fast and steady pace, without any unnecessary scenes to weigh it down. The acting was solid and the script provided some great twist and turns throughout the film. Ron Pearlman turns in a great performance as a detective and Rutina Wesley from True Blood is solid throughout as Elliott's fiance. Overall it was great film that kept my attention throughout and it is well worth a view.

This film is available on Netflix

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Day Horror Movie Challenge - Movie #1 The Sacrament

Happy October everyone!! It's the time of year we horror lovers celebrate all things horror related either through decorations, costumes, blog posting, parties or challenges! For those that follow the blog (thank you) I did the 31 Horror Movie Challenge last year. This year I am still doing the challenge, but I am really challenging myself this time by watching 31 horror movies I have never seen before! So, as usual I will be posting my reviews on the movies I watch and I encourage you to participate. Even if you can't watch 31 horror movies just watching a few you might not have ever watched or had a chance to watch still celebrates the great month of, let's get started!

Directed by Ti West (The Innkeepers) The Sacrament tells the story of Peter who discovers that his sister has left the country and moved into a religious community. His boss hears about this and decides that they will film Peter's journey to see his sister and of course things go ire. I understand that this film is based off the Jim Jones story, which is what got me intrigued about this film in the first place. I have read books, viewed documentaries and watched a film based on the tragedy. So, going into this movie I already had a layout of how this film would be. I have to say for a documentary style footage movie it is filmed beautifully, no constant shaky cameras or odd angles that most filmed footage movies have a tendency to do. I also liked that this movie started off on point and stuck with it. A lot of these types of films need to add what I call "fillers" which is a bunch of useless footage to  make you get to know the characters better, most of the time it makes you hate the characters and weighs down the movie and thankfully this movie didn't do any of that. All the scenes worked well and help to weave an eerie tale of madness. Overall, I enjoyed the film, I thought the pace was steady and the acting was pretty top notch. The film was believable because it actually happened and Ti West captured that feeling throughout the film and I have to say this was a great start to this challenge. 

This film is currently available on Netflix. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

So, You're a Horror Fan....7 Things Horror Fans Deal With

So, You're a Horror Fan....7 Things Horror Fans Deal With

There comes a time in every horror fan's life when you have to interact with non horror people. Although it can be fun and you can make wonderful memories there are perils and reactions horror fans usually have to deal with. I am not saying you have encountered everything on this list, but I know you have at least encountered one. So, let's take a moment to embrace the reactions people have to you when you tell them you're a horror fan.

People thinking you worship the devil.
If I had a nickle for every look, comment or question I get about whether I worship Satan or am I part of a cult I would have the funds to live my dream of being independently wealthy. I think there is this assumption
that because you prefer to watch horror that you automatically enjoy the darker things in life, which I do I just don't worship the devil or sacrifice animals on the weekends.

People using examples of horribly bad horror to explain why they don't like horror.
I blame the SyFy Channel for the uprising in access to terrible horror movies. Back in the day you really had to seek out bad horror, but now it's on television on a daily basis and in marathon viewings on the weekends. So, due to this there are abundant amounts of examples that regular folks can pull from to explain to you why the genre you love is so terrible.

Having to hear...."I hate horror it doesn't scare me".
I will admit I do kind of understand this general thought with horror I mean it does say horror in the genre so one would assume that scares would be mandatory. Several horror filmmakers do try to scare their audience and some achieve this goal, but sadly most do not. But that doesn't mean that a horror movie has been a complete failure because you didn't have nightmares for weeks over it. The degree to which someone can be scared is relative to the individual. Some people (who usually sit beside me in a theater) will scream at everything that makes a sound on the screen while some people barely even register a movement with a great chest bursting scene. So, having to deal with people who only want to think a good horror movie experience is screaming your head off all night is a bit of an irritate.

People telling you that they love Halloween but they don't watch horror movies.
Now I am not saying that you have to be a hardcore horror fan in order to love Halloween, but I think just by the nature of Halloween celebrating all things scary it seems you would actually watch horror movies... other than just in the month of October. I am sure people will tell me I am in the wrong, but someone who decorates their entire house in zombie decor, but can't bring themselves to watch Romero's Night of the Living Dead....just seem a bit odd.

Hearing people say "I guess you like the Twilight movies".
Nothing gets you throat punched faster then uttering anything positive about the Twilight franchise. Who knew a basic religious shut in would damage the horror genre with her unrealistic love story, werewolves that are not werewolves and vampires that sparkle. Now, I am sure there are horror fans out there that really enjoy the Twilight movies, but I just haven't meet any yet.

*insert smirk, laugh or eye roll*
This is the one that gets me almost more angry than the Twilight statement. You tell people you are a horror fan and they automatically give you that smirk, eye roll or mini laugh. It says I have nothing to say other than to think aren't you a little to old to be liking horror? Or shouldn't you have really grown out of this faze by now. For some reason or another there seems to be this thought that being a fan of anything has a shelf life. The truth is no fandom has a shelf life and when you want to stop being a fan of something or someone then that is your choice not anyone else is.

You have to hear people's zombie outbreak plan
With the explosion of zombies into the mainstream everyone and their mother....literally have a zombie outbreak plan. So, you listen to them say to you with confidence their entire outbreak plan, which is so flawed you don't know whether to laugh or cry for them.

Did I miss something on the list? Let me know you can email me at or hit me up on twitter!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Horror Games from E3

I love to game, although I am not particularly good at it I still try to have fun with it. I generally stick with zombie and racing games although I have been branching out into games like Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham City and the various Lego games. But, as an avid horror fan, blood and gore are my main gravitational pull when it comes to gaming. So, I was excited to see what E3 had to offer in the realm of horror gaming and I have to say with what I have seen so far it's great to see horror gaming being elevated. For those that didn't have time to catch up on the horror games I figured I would give a rundown (with mini commentary) of the horror games that are bloody, gory and I'm pretty sure will be a downright blast to play! 

Let the games begin!

Alien: Isolation This time we get to see Ripley's daughter Amanda take the reigns and fight the big bad Xenomorph. I have been wanting to play this since the moment I heard about it and the trailer only solidifies that feeling even more!

Doom 4  Although I have never played a Doom game this trailer makes me rethink that stance!

The Evil Within Who doesn't like waking up to being hung upside down in a strange place while Leatherface's cousin is chopping away on the cutting board. The real horror begins when you free yourself and are chased by a chainsaw weidling madman. I saw the gameplay for this awhile back and was instantly sold. It looks balls out full of insanely gory goodness....I hope it lives up to my expectations!

Evolve Release the Kraken!! This was the first trailer I watched and it looks like it is going to be an amazing game. You can play as either Assault, Support, Medic, a Trapper or you can switch it up and play as the monster itself! 

Bloodborne From the initial looks of this game I thought it was a Fable's/Assassin's Creed style game, but then when I viewed the trailer and saw the zombified dog that would scare  the dog from Resident Evil to death I knew this was going to be good.

Dying Light Being a zombie game this has already peaked my interest and it looks like from the trailer this is no typical zombie game, which is a welcome change and I am ready to play it!

Dead Island 2  Having played Dead Island I am looking forward to Dead Island 2. The trailer is pretty clever and moving it to a California setting is sure to raise the stakes of survival.

Let it Die This looks like if you took every slasher and homicidal maniac locked them in a building and let them go at each other MMA style with weapons like a spiked baseball bat, machete and a chainsaw, just to name a few, it all adds up to gory and bloody....just how I like it!

My Evil Ways This feels like if Ellis from Left for Dead 2 got more edge to him and went completely mental this would be his solo game. It is survival mode in a zombie outbreak and although it looks like a typical shoot'em up zombie game I think this game is going to offer a lot more than just killing zombies.

Hunt Terrors of the Gilded Age Although the trailer is less than a minute long you can pretty much figure out the plot of this game. Hunters killing monsters and zombies....I'm in!

Monday, May 26, 2014

HACK/SLASH Mobile Background Skin Available Now!

As we eagerly await the release of HACK/SLASH: Son of Samhain we now just got word that salvation is on the way....well partly in the way of a downloadable mobile background skin. You have always had the ability to have Cassie Hack in your pants.....I mean as wallpaper for your phone....honestly quite being a perv....ya perv! Now there is an additional monster kicking image to add to your collection! Click the link below to download this new action packed wallpaper to your mobile device or your PC! It's just another portable way you can tell people to "KISS IT"!