Sunday, July 20, 2014

So, You're a Horror Fan....7 Things Horror Fans Deal With

So, You're a Horror Fan....7 Things Horror Fans Deal With

There comes a time in every horror fan's life when you have to interact with non horror people. Although it can be fun and you can make wonderful memories there are perils and reactions horror fans usually have to deal with. I am not saying you have encountered everything on this list, but I know you have at least encountered one. So, let's take a moment to embrace the reactions people have to you when you tell them you're a horror fan.

People thinking you worship the devil.
If I had a nickle for every look, comment or question I get about whether I worship Satan or am I part of a cult I would have the funds to live my dream of being independently wealthy. I think there is this assumption
that because you prefer to watch horror that you automatically enjoy the darker things in life, which I do I just don't worship the devil or sacrifice animals on the weekends.

People using examples of horribly bad horror to explain why they don't like horror.
I blame the SyFy Channel for the uprising in access to terrible horror movies. Back in the day you really had to seek out bad horror, but now it's on television on a daily basis and in marathon viewings on the weekends. So, due to this there are abundant amounts of examples that regular folks can pull from to explain to you why the genre you love is so terrible.

Having to hear...."I hate horror it doesn't scare me".
I will admit I do kind of understand this general thought with horror I mean it does say horror in the genre so one would assume that scares would be mandatory. Several horror filmmakers do try to scare their audience and some achieve this goal, but sadly most do not. But that doesn't mean that a horror movie has been a complete failure because you didn't have nightmares for weeks over it. The degree to which someone can be scared is relative to the individual. Some people (who usually sit beside me in a theater) will scream at everything that makes a sound on the screen while some people barely even register a movement with a great chest bursting scene. So, having to deal with people who only want to think a good horror movie experience is screaming your head off all night is a bit of an irritate.

People telling you that they love Halloween but they don't watch horror movies.
Now I am not saying that you have to be a hardcore horror fan in order to love Halloween, but I think just by the nature of Halloween celebrating all things scary it seems you would actually watch horror movies... other than just in the month of October. I am sure people will tell me I am in the wrong, but someone who decorates their entire house in zombie decor, but can't bring themselves to watch Romero's Night of the Living Dead....just seem a bit odd.

Hearing people say "I guess you like the Twilight movies".
Nothing gets you throat punched faster then uttering anything positive about the Twilight franchise. Who knew a basic religious shut in would damage the horror genre with her unrealistic love story, werewolves that are not werewolves and vampires that sparkle. Now, I am sure there are horror fans out there that really enjoy the Twilight movies, but I just haven't meet any yet.

*insert smirk, laugh or eye roll*
This is the one that gets me almost more angry than the Twilight statement. You tell people you are a horror fan and they automatically give you that smirk, eye roll or mini laugh. It says I have nothing to say other than to think aren't you a little to old to be liking horror? Or shouldn't you have really grown out of this faze by now. For some reason or another there seems to be this thought that being a fan of anything has a shelf life. The truth is no fandom has a shelf life and when you want to stop being a fan of something or someone then that is your choice not anyone else is.

You have to hear people's zombie outbreak plan
With the explosion of zombies into the mainstream everyone and their mother....literally have a zombie outbreak plan. So, you listen to them say to you with confidence their entire outbreak plan, which is so flawed you don't know whether to laugh or cry for them.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Horror Games from E3

I love to game, although I am not particularly good at it I still try to have fun with it. I generally stick with zombie and racing games although I have been branching out into games like Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham City and the various Lego games. But, as an avid horror fan, blood and gore are my main gravitational pull when it comes to gaming. So, I was excited to see what E3 had to offer in the realm of horror gaming and I have to say with what I have seen so far it's great to see horror gaming being elevated. For those that didn't have time to catch up on the horror games I figured I would give a rundown (with mini commentary) of the horror games that are bloody, gory and I'm pretty sure will be a downright blast to play! 

Let the games begin!

Alien: Isolation This time we get to see Ripley's daughter Amanda take the reigns and fight the big bad Xenomorph. I have been wanting to play this since the moment I heard about it and the trailer only solidifies that feeling even more!

Doom 4  Although I have never played a Doom game this trailer makes me rethink that stance!

The Evil Within Who doesn't like waking up to being hung upside down in a strange place while Leatherface's cousin is chopping away on the cutting board. The real horror begins when you free yourself and are chased by a chainsaw weidling madman. I saw the gameplay for this awhile back and was instantly sold. It looks balls out full of insanely gory goodness....I hope it lives up to my expectations!

Evolve Release the Kraken!! This was the first trailer I watched and it looks like it is going to be an amazing game. You can play as either Assault, Support, Medic, a Trapper or you can switch it up and play as the monster itself! 

Bloodborne From the initial looks of this game I thought it was a Fable's/Assassin's Creed style game, but then when I viewed the trailer and saw the zombified dog that would scare  the dog from Resident Evil to death I knew this was going to be good.

Dying Light Being a zombie game this has already peaked my interest and it looks like from the trailer this is no typical zombie game, which is a welcome change and I am ready to play it!

Dead Island 2  Having played Dead Island I am looking forward to Dead Island 2. The trailer is pretty clever and moving it to a California setting is sure to raise the stakes of survival.

Let it Die This looks like if you took every slasher and homicidal maniac locked them in a building and let them go at each other MMA style with weapons like a spiked baseball bat, machete and a chainsaw, just to name a few, it all adds up to gory and bloody....just how I like it!

My Evil Ways This feels like if Ellis from Left for Dead 2 got more edge to him and went completely mental this would be his solo game. It is survival mode in a zombie outbreak and although it looks like a typical shoot'em up zombie game I think this game is going to offer a lot more than just killing zombies.

Hunt Terrors of the Gilded Age Although the trailer is less than a minute long you can pretty much figure out the plot of this game. Hunters killing monsters and zombies....I'm in!

Monday, May 26, 2014

HACK/SLASH Mobile Background Skin Available Now!

As we eagerly await the release of HACK/SLASH: Son of Samhain we now just got word that salvation is on the way....well partly in the way of a downloadable mobile background skin. You have always had the ability to have Cassie Hack in your pants.....I mean as wallpaper for your phone....honestly quite being a perv....ya perv! Now there is an additional monster kicking image to add to your collection! Click the link below to download this new action packed wallpaper to your mobile device or your PC! It's just another portable way you can tell people to "KISS IT"!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla Review

If you were a horror kid like me then part of your movie watching included the classic so bad it's good Godzilla films. If you were also like me then you had the big green plastic Godzilla with the red lever in the back to move his mouth open  so you could reenact his fire breathing with his plastic fire tongue.....I'll be honest I took that toy everywhere! Then in 1998 there was a resurgence in Godzilla with the Matthew Broderick driven movie, but sadly as we all know that failed miserably. So, once again there is another attempt at breathing life back in the iconic giant lizard from the ocean. Thankfully this time around they got it right.....really right!

Joe Brody (Bryan Cranson) is an American engineer working in Japan at a nuclear power
plant, but when he starts to monitor seismic anomalies around the plant he knows something isn't right. Disregarded by his colleagues Joe presses for the truth. But when a sudden energy surge causes a catastrophic disaster that levels the plant and kills his wife. Joe vows to found out what the Japanese government is really trying to cover up.

Directed by Gareth Edwards this film has that classic feel of the old Godzilla movies we grew up on with a modern update. The story is strong and the acting is solid, the pace doesn't lag in places like most movies like this normally do. The characters are compelling and the emotion feels real. The action is spot on and the CGI is really amazing to look at and at times you could feel like you were watching the action from the site. Godzilla looked amazing I know there was some discord about his size, but it really fits with the movie and he has some great facial reactions that add character to his new look. It is rare that any movie moves me to react during the viewing, but this had me cheering in several areas. This movie played out way better than I expected it would and it just proves that with the right kind of story, director, actors and artists bringing back a prehistoric legend is a thing of beauty.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Infliction - Screening May 3 - Lake Hopatcong NJ

Disturbing Assembled Footage Film “Infliction” to screen Saturday May 3rd 
in Lake Hopatcong, NJ 

LAKE HOPATCONG, NJ (March 30, 2014) – Fox Trail Productions announces two screenings of the 
controversial film “Infliction” at the Camp Jefferson Theater on Saturday May 3rd, 2014 at 7pm and 9pm at 
Camp Jefferson, Building #11, 81 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Jack Thomas Smith, whose feature film “Disorder” was released by Universal/Vivendi and Warner Brothers, “Infliction” is a dark and disturbing assembled footage film that documents two brothers’ murder spree in NC and the horrific truth behind their actions.

“Working on ‘Infliction’ left me troubled and haunted,” says Jack 
Thomas Smith, who will be attending the screenings. “It left me 
thinking about people’s actions or lack thereof and the inevitable 
domino effect. We all walk our own path in life, which shapes and 
defines us. What happens to us today, good or bad, will affect 
generations to come.” 

Jack Thomas Smith will host a Q&A session after the screenings. 
Jack Thomas Smith will host a Q&A session after the screenings. 

Admission is $8.00 and tickets can be purchased in advance at or at the door. 

“Infliction” will screen in select theaters across the country in the spring and summer of 2014 with the nationwide DVD, PPV, VOD, and digital release set for later this year by Virgil Films & 

Follow us on Twitter at @InflictionTapes

Like us on Facebook at Screen event on Facebook click the link for more info.

Follow Jack Thomas Smith on Twitter at @JackTSmith1

About the Director

Jack Thomas Smith made his feature film-directing debut with the psychological thriller “Disorder.” He was also the writer and producer of that film. “Disorder” was released on DVD by Universal/Vivendi and New Light Entertainment. It was released on Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand by Warner Brothers. Overseas, it screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the Raindance Film Festival in London. Curb Entertainment represented “Disorder” for foreign sales and secured distribution deals around the world. 
Born in 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Smith lived there until he was eight when his family relocated to a quiet island community in Michigan, which would later serve as the inspiration for his upcoming film “In the 
Dark.” He began to write at a very young age after reading the Stephen King novels “Salem’s Lot” and “The Shining.” By the time he was eleven, he had written a 300-page novel and a number of short stories. 
Smith’s family moved to Sparta, New Jersey when he was a teenager. It was there in that middle-class town that he discovered the films of George A. Romero, Stanley Kubrick, Brian DePalma, and John Carpenter. Inspired to make movies, he wrote and directed a handful of short films that were shot on Super 8mm and starred his brother and friends in all of the roles. 
As a young adult, Smith produced films for noted horror directors Ted Bohus and John Russo, co-creator of “Night of the Living Dead.” From that point on, it was only a matter of time for his growth as a filmmaker to expand. Smith’s current project he calls “Infliction” is a dark and disturbing assembled footage film that documents two brothers’ murder spree in NC and the horrific truth behind their actions. Smith’s production company, Fox Trail Productions, Inc., is currently developing the action/horror film “In the Dark”, 
the drama “Illegals”, and the comedy “Ties that Bind.” 
Film Details: 
Title: Infliction 
Running Time: 106 minutes 
Language: English 
Year of Production: 2013 
Country: USA 
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror 
This film has not yet been rated. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

KISS IT: The HACK/SLASH 10th Anniversary Panel at C2E2

Attending C2E2 this weekend in Chicago? Make sure you put on your to do list (or on the C2E2 mobile app) while at the con to attend KISS IT: The HACK/SLASH 10th Anniversary Panel! This panel starts Saturday April 26th at 11:15 a.m. in room N426! We will have HACK/SLASH creator Tim Seeley, Devil's Due Publisher Josh Blaylock as well as HACK/SLASH artists Jenny Frison, Mike Norton and Daniel Leister! Also in attendance will be Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley who will be giving some insight into the new HACK/SLASH comic - Son of Samhain that will be released in July. We will also have a Q&A for those in attendance and as an audience member you will have the chance to win art prizes and more! 

This panel will be co-moderated with Jeff Bohn from and my myself.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Scarlet Huntress

On the run after the death of her mother Scarlet wants to move on with her life, but when she discovers her family's secret life of supernatural horror including werewolf hunting. Scarlet must now choose a regular life or to follow in the family legacy and become the next Scarlet Huntress. The story of the Scarlet Huntress is written by Stephanie Forney and Chad Lambert, with art by Sean Forney, Josh Warner, Brian Ritson, Scott McMahon, Thomas Mason and Stephanie Forney. For those that follow me on various social media sites know I am a big fan of Sean Forney's art having commissioned several art pieces from him and this comic is another example of his great art. This comic has been a long time coming having debut in 2006 and with the help of a successful Kickstarter the Scarlet Huntress has now officially been published with 3 action packed stories. The art is beautiful and the story is fast paced and leaves you wanting more. So, if you are tired of the same old horror comics then I recommend you go on an adventure with the Scarlet Huntress.

Buy the Scarlet Huntress at Drivethrucomics

Want more info on the process of bringing the Scarlet Huntress to life...checkout the already funded Kickstarter

For updates on Sean Forney's projects, convention appearances or to order a commission you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart and his website.
Attending C2E2? Sean will be at Table H3 in artist alley.   

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why I Don't Believe in the Concept of a "True" Horror Fan

As a horror fan you have undoubtedly traveled through the perils of social media with many of us participating in horror forum boards and various horror groups. The one topic/discussion I have seen come up time and time again is the concept of who really is a "true" fan of horror. I have seen people label themselves as such and witnessed arguments where people lash out at each other accusing one another of not being a "true" horror fan for various reasons. So, I ask what does being a "true" horror fan mean to you? My guess is there would be a lot of different answers to this question. But, honestly how do you truly measure something like that? Is it determined by how long you have been a horror fan, what areas of horror you have the most knowledge in, how much memorabilia you have collected, how many conventions you have attended, how your lifestyle is horror orientated, how many horror movies you have watched and so on. 

As a fan of the genre for several years I have been told that because there are certain horror films I have no desire to watch somehow that makes me less of a horror fan, which frankly is untrue. I personally do not like exploitation films, Asian horror or B styled horror films. Now I have watched both the original and remake of Last House on the Left and I have no need to every watch them again. I have given Asian horror a view, but didn't really get into it and B styled horror films never really appealed to me. I also don't want to watch Cannibal Holocaust or I Spit on Your Grave. Why? Because I know what they are about and frankly I am not interested in them. Now because I don't want to watch those films does that make me any less of a horror fan or not a "true" horror fan as opposed to someone who has watched those films a dozen times? No, it doesn't. Just because I have no need to watch them doesn't mean that I don't understand the impact and influence that they have in horror. The love of horror comes from the personal preference of something that you love about the genre and it expands from there. But, to say someone isn't a "true" horror fan because they didn't watch *insert movie title* like *insert movie title or sub-genre* or don't know about *insert director, actor, etc* does nothing more than alienate those that are new to the genre and create distension between other horror fans. 

Shows like The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and Hannibal have brought horror more to the mainstream and with that an influx of new horror fans are coming into the genre. Some may really want to get into horror, but don't know really where to start. Because let's face it, it's a big genre and it can be hard to navigate through and with the concept of a "true" horror fan looming over, it can alienate future or even new fans from being part of the horror community because they may believe they can't live up to that concept. 

The bottom line for me is that there really is no "true" horror fan because we are all fans of the genre it's just that there are varying degrees of fandom from the novice to the hardcore and everything in between that run through it. To be a fan of any fandom is wanting to share your knowledge and experiences with others. I believe that deep down it is the love of horror that brings you and keeps you in the genre and that love shouldn't be used as a measuring tool to evaluate your place in it....because there really is a place for everyone in this genre! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review - Nurse 3D

Abby Russell (Paz De La Huerta) is a great nurse, who on her off time lures cheating men to their deaths in order to rid the world of their disgusting behavior. But, when she develops a crush on Danni (Katrina Bowden), the new nurse on the unit all boundary lines get bloody blurred. 

I had seen the great looking posters and watched the trailer,but I was still on the fence about this film, but I like to give horror movies a fair chance. So, I will start off by saying that I understand that they were going for a single white female campy style horror movie, which can be entertaining if done correctly, but sadly this wasn't. There were so many flaws with this film I lost count and my "what the hell" kind of moments just kept adding up as the film went along. Not to give out spoilers, but I am pretty sure nurses do not wear that style of uniform any longer nor do they wear fetish style shoes for 12 hr shifts. Okay that could be a bit nit picky, but if you can look past the medical inaccuracies, the fact that no one wears gloves when handling patients and that the narration voice doesn't sound like it matches Abby's at all through out the entire film. The one thing I couldn't get past was the uneven, predictable and some times laughable (not in a good way) story line and dialogue. Some of it was so bad I had Showgirl flashbacks! I think the biggest problem I had was with the lead actress. Her acting was choppy and it almost felt like she was speaking in slow motion. Plus I never really bought her as this femme fatale style matter how many times she got naked.....and on to that.

I am sure this is not the proper statement to make, but I am not proper so I will just go ahead and say it..... I am pretty sure men will love his movie just for the sheer amount of T&A in this film. Now, don't get me wrong I like to see some T&A in horror movies I mean face it, it's pretty much par for the course in horror movies, but it just got to the point where I wanted to scream "go put some panties on"! 

The kills were lackluster and once again predictable. Much like the title says this was filmed in 3D and the kills only benefit from the 3D medium.  

Overall, I really wanted to like this film and for it to be one of those hidden gems that it's so bad it's good horror films, but there was just to much damage to ever revive this film.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Women in Horror Recognition Month - Dee Wallace Stone

As Women in Horror Recognition Month marches on any discussion involving women in horror usually always comes back to Scream Queens. These specific actresses have carved out their careers in horror and remain in the genre contributing through their movies, books, convention appearances and more. I love a variety of different Scream Queens, but this particular actress has been my #1 Scream Queen for years! This actress single handily gave me the best horror movie memories of my childhood.....Dee Wallace Stone.

If you watched horror in the 80's there is no doubt Dee Wallace was part of it. Her horror resume spans from battling werewolves in The Howling, taking a baseball bat to Cujo, defeating space creatures in Critters, witchcraft in The Lords of Salem and she came up against Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween. She can more recently be seen on NBC's Grimm playing Monroe's mother.

She is currently a motivational speaker and healer through her website. She is also on the horror convention circuit and will be appearing at Days of the Dead in Atlanta. I will tell you that if she is at a horror con that you attend I highly recommend stopping by her table she is a down to earth and genuinely nice person. 

Her career has spanned from television to film and still continues on and her place as a Scream Queen is cemented in horror history!