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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Horror Reading for the Holidays: Outbreak The Mutation

While you are buried in tinsel and wrapping paper don't forget to take time out for yourself to nurse the horror nerd inside. So, what better way then to curl up with a warm human carcass, some bloody hot chocolate and delve into a good book. Well, look no further than Scott Shoyer's book Outbreak The Mutation! This is a trilogy story, with this being the second book in the series. Checkout the press release below for info on the book, as well as info on the author and where you can get your copy for this gruesome holiday season.

For Immediate Release

Outbreak: The Mutation, Volume Two in theTrend-Bucking Zombie Trilogy, Releases a Deadly, Unstoppable Zombie Horde on the WorldHailed as A Frightening, Violent, and Gory Un-Dead Story

Masterfully crafted by Scott Shoyer, The Mutation, the powerful second volume in the Outbreak trilogy, continues to break the stagnant mold of zombie fiction as it ensnare and brings readers along in a deadly last chance attempt to save the world from complete annihilation. The Mutation takes place two years after a deadly virus swept across the world. Not only does Shoyer have his readers follow two groups of people as they fight for survival, but he again takes readers where they have never been beforethis time on a horrifying trip inside the minds of the deadly zombies themselves. The Mutation is intense, violent, and brings the genre back from the dead.

For Immediate Release

Austin, Texas While nobody will deny zombie fictions huge surge in popularity, both readers and critics alike are currently crying out for wholly unique, mould-breaking narratives that dont succumb to the recycling of the same old ideas. Thankfully, Scott Shoyer has stepped up to the plate with gusto.

Volume one of Shoyers Outbreak trilogy has already injected literally new blood into the market. In The Hunger, readers were captivated as a seemingly innocent day at the zoo led to a violent and world-threatening zombie apocalypse. In volume two, The Mutation, Shoyer further explores the world that he created in volume one and details how two groups of survivors are coping with their fight for survival. In true Shoyer style, he now explores new territory by taking the reader on a horrifying trip inside the minds of the deadly zombies themselves.


Zombies have overrun the world making human beings an endangered species. The zombies are getting stronger, smarter, and deadlier. The remaining human survivors are finding it more and more difficult to fight them off. Amidst this apocalyptic war, two separate groups of survivors are drawn to the small, seemingly dead town of Spicewood, Texasbut for very different reasons. There is Walt and his group of ex-addicts, and Wilder and Butsko, two of the only characters who made it out of The Hunger alive. Each group believes that what lies in Spicewood, Texas could alter the course of the war with the dead. But what they couldn't know is that what also lies in Spicewood, Texas might be the source of the outbreak itself and the very end to all life on earth.

The Mutation continues to explore the world I created in The Hunger,explains the author, founder of the popular website and community. In the first volume I traced the origin of the outbreak back to those lovable creatures that live all around usanimals. Readers loved the source of the outbreak. But now the virus has mutated, and The Mutation will take readers into the same world, but with seemingly unstoppable zombies who have gotten stronger, smarter, and deadlier.

Continuing, The Outbreak trilogy was designed from the ground up to give the zombie genre something new. As strange as it sounds, zombie fiction can often have a distinct lack of zombies, with the human drama taking center stage and dragging readers away from what they really wantzombie action. I promise my readers that the violence, gore, and horror will keep coming at them hard and fast, while also having interesting, strong characters that drive the narrative forward.

It is a creative cocktail that appears to be working; readers have come out in force with rave reviews for volume one, Outbreak: The Hunger. For example, one Amazon customer comments, This was an exhilarating read. The author brings a new and terrifying twist to the zombie horror genre. I read this book in one nail-biting sitting. The unimaginable horrors of this story will keep me up for many nights and will have me looking at my beloved pets with a wary eye. Great read.

Early praise for Outbreak: The Mutation suggests Shoyer has successfully continued what he started in The Hunger. David Bernstein, author of Toxic Behemoth, writes, Shoyer raises the stakes with his second book in the Outbreak series, giving us an even smarter, deadlier and harder to kill enemy. Loaded with brutal violence and military action and an ending that took me by total surprise, Outbreak: The Mutation is a must read!

Joe McKinney, award-winning author of Dead City and The Dead Wont Die writes, Scott Shoyer steps into the ring swinging as he continues with the next harrowing volume in the Outbreak series. As I've come to expect from him, he handles his action with a sure hand, both violent and furious, and his characters with unrelenting viciousness.

Outbreak: The Hunger and Outbreak: The Mutation are both published by Severed Press. Outbreak: The Mutation is available on in both eBook and paperback.

For more information about the author and his other published works, visit his Author Page on Amazon.

About the author, in his own words:

Im a horror writer who is also a life long fan. I draw inspiration from everyday situations and then put them through my twisted filter to hopefully shock, disgust, and entertain you.

I find my heaviest influences from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker. With my Outbreak trilogy I get to write about the sub-genre I grew up onzombiesand while doing so I get to add my unique twist to it. In addition to zombies, I also love writing about more human monsters and I have many more ideas for novels, short stories, novellas, and scripts. I recently wrote a short script for a brutal, violent Joker-Batman confrontation, and I am currently writing a series of novellas that are heavily influenced by Lovecraft. Ive created my own Lovecraftian world full of nightmarish creatures and madnessincluding horrible things that live in the darkness.

In addition to my two Outbreak novels, I currently have four short stories published in four different horror anthologies. You can check out all my writings on my Amazon Author Page.

Contact: Scott Shoyer /

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Horror Prequels No One Asked For But We Got Anyway

Have you ever been watching a horror movie and thought to yourself “What a great film I would really like to know the origin story”. Well chances are probably not, because we hope the director and writer have conveyed enough in the film to either help piece together a proper backstory or the plot is done in a way that an origin doesn’t even really matter. With horror being inundated with a plethora of horror remakes the prequels are at times far and few between. Instead what we usually end up with is a sequel that either hints at an origin or shows flashbacks that the viewer fits together in order to explain a back story. But, sometimes you just get a prequel for the sake of a prequel or in our case trying to make a quick buck off an already established franchise or classic horror film. Here are just a few examples that make you think what was the point of it all.

The Thing (2011) - I am really not sure what they were trying to do with this film other than making a statement a female can lead a horror movie by switching out Kurt Russell’s character, McReady with Mary Ann Winstead's character Kate. Which I hate to break it to them, women have been leading horror movies for years. John Carpenter did a great job laying a foundation that told the current situation in the isolated research station as well as the events that lead up to what is currently happening in the film. Therefore, I have yet to come across any horror fans touting the need for a prequel to explain what happened to those poor Norwegians. There is no better way to put it than it’s utterly forgettable due in part because no one asked for it and it’s all but a copy of Carpenter’s The Thing they just added a slower more boring and predictable pace sprinkled in with some super shitty CGI. This is the film should have never been chiseled out of some producer's head.

Exorcist: The Beginning - Have you ever been watching a movie and it’s so painful for the actors on
screen that you start to wonder what bet they lost that landed them in this predicament? That is the feeling you get from this movie, not only was it unnecessary but the acting is so painful and wooden I think I have seen better acting in a high school play. Even Stellan Skarsgard can’t save it although he does his best to channel a drunken Indiana Jones playing a fallen priest who has lost his faith, because you know we all haven’t been down this road before. I think the filmmakers missed out on the great thing about a movie whose central figure is everyone’s favorite fallen angel, Lucifer is that he already has a built in backstory. You don’t really need to explain why he is in the movie or how he got there. He’s Lucifer he goes where he wants. I felt the opening of the Exorcist did a pretty good job of showing how Lucifer met Regan. I just don’t think a lot of people were really craving to know the origins and they sure didn’t want one that was so painful filmed with a herky jerky story that it should have been left buried in the sands.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning - Leatherface is actually one of my favorite slashers and it pains me to see him being done this way (trust me New Generation is a completely different rant). As a fan I never wondered what made Leatherface….well Leatherface, nor did I want to see him literally being born. This just felt like Michael Bay’s TCM remake, just not as good and really lacking in all departments. I do give them added bonus points for returning R. Lee Emery as the menacing “I’m not a cop (Uncle Hewitt), but I’m cop (Sheriff Hoyt)” and spoiler alert for all you sensitive souls out there Jordana Brewster although good, but unrealistic death scene (sorry you’re going to hear that chainsaw before it plows into your chest). But, just those factors alone couldn’t save this unwarranted addition. Just put the chainsaw down and back away from the franchise.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween - I understand this can be argued that it’s not a prequel it’s a re-imagining, remake or re-zoning, well you can church it up however you want, but when it goes into the origins of Michael Myers it plays to me like a prequel. I do have a love/hate relationship with this movie although I love the cast (yes, even Sheri Moon Zombie) I just hated Zombie’s take on Myer’s childhood. It’s fine if you want to white trash it up, although the Carpenter film doesn’t lend itself to Michael having that kind of childhood, but at least give him a better progression to a slasher then his breaking point being his sister not taking him trick r treating. Sadly as we know the sequel didn’t lend anything better to this film either so just stick a knife in it because it’s done.

Annabelle - I will admit that I was interested in a prequel to the actual The Conjuring film, but not so much the doll whose story (at least to me) ran parallel through the movie. Had they set up Annabelle like The Conjuring you would have got a more justiciable prequel. However, what you got was a drawn out set up to a lackluster character. The first 10 minutes of The Conjuring set up Annabelle better than the entire Annabelle movie did. One of my biggest ponderings of this film is why was it rated R? I guess you could argue suspense and scary images, which would hold true if you had never watch a horror movie in your life! But, for us regular horror folk the scares were standard and the only “jump” scares were shown in the trailer. The (few) deaths also looked as though they had been edited for television. I understand the desire to want to “cash in” with the success of The Conjuring, but sadly googling info on Annabelle is way scarier than this cursed movie.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Horror Anthology Ricket Row Review

As a lover of horror in all forms from film, books, games, comics and more I recently had the opportunity to review author Elsye Salpeter's horror anthology Ricket Row. Salpeter is the fantasy author of The Ruby Amulet, The Hunt for Xanadu and The Mannequins and therefore, is no stranger to the world of horror.

Having read several anthology books, it's a daunting task to create an all engrossing read done with horror themed vignettes, but thankfully Salpeter knows how to weave a story. Each story is a great part to the sum of it's wonderful and creepy whole. Ricket Row takes 17 creepy horror filled stories that range from fantasy encounters to everyday situations that will have you questioning if a night out to the local Chinese restaurant is really a good idea in Mr. Wong's Amazing Wok.  Discover how a young girl's tragic past and a visit to her parent's grave-site sparks a daring moment of curiosity that could lead to her own tragedy in Mr. and Mrs. Odd. The story of Branded shows how parenting can sometimes leave you questioning your sanity and Let Me Out teaches us that nothing good can come from opening strange luggage.

One of the things l really enjoyed is that stories like Mrs. O'Malley's Children flow out over several pages, while narratives such as All Alone and Clara are just a little over a paragraph long, which helps to keep the pace varying and interesting. This anthology works because it's well executed and engaging without falling into the overworked and tired horror cliche. I will say that my only draw back is that I didn't want several of the stories to end, but is that really a draw back?

Ricket Row is available on Amazon!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Support Horror: Kickstarter BEING starring Lance Henriksen

Support Horror focuses on Kickstarter film BEING starring horror legend Lance Henriksen and Robert John Burke from Thinner and Robocop. I chatted with the film's director, Doug C. Williams about the film, financing and upcoming projects. After the interview jump over to Kickstarter to show your support of horror and follow BEING on Twitter and Facebook, along with Doug and Lance.

BEING is an edgy and one-of-a-kind film that transcends the typical horror genre. This truly unique story provokes an unnerving reflection of human behavior and the tragic violence of mankind that has, and continues to occur when someone, or something threatens their individual systems of belief. It thematically and metaphorically raises the difficult questions of our collective consciousness towards authority, tradition, and religion... rather than free thought and reason. BEING will leave you on the edge of your seat as it shakes the convictions of what you believe in.

How did the concept of Being come about?

Obviously, I think most independent screenwriters set out to try and write a truly unique film that they themselves would really like to experience. I didn't have to look too far to find an extremely scary concept for BEING. The entire world is filled with mass murderers that are killing each other over their individual systems of belief. If you are a fan of the horror genre, just turn on The News!

What was your reaction to having horror icon Lance Henriksen come aboard the project?

I remember the moment when we found out that Lance loved the script and was interested in coming aboard. Our entire team are huge fans of his and we were all so elated that we had a chance to work with such an amazing talent. But what we didn't know yet was that we were also about to meet one of the amazing individuals on Earth. Now we know. What an awesome dude!

Being deals with possible alien life forms, what will set it apart from other alien style films?

That is a great question. It is not a sensational idea that there is other energy and life in the Cosmos. The only thing bigger than billions of galaxies is an egomaniacal talking monkey that has all the answers.
I hope what sets BEING apart from other alien style films is that it is not an alien style film at all.

Have you always been a fan of horror?

I saw The Exorcist when I was six years old. I burst into tears and have been a huge horror fan ever since.

 What made you decide to choose crowdfunding as opposed to other traditional methods of financing a film?

The amount of time you have to spend wading through investment leads that are people that just like the sound of their own voice.

What advice do you have for other filmmakers trying to get their film made?

Setbacks are not setbacks. They are development. Keep moving forward. Also, do not pursue investors that give you a "maybe". Get a "No", and move on:)

What is your next project?

We have numerous projects lined up. ADAM (drama/horror), RISE TO GLORY (martial arts/drama), ALIGNING THE STARS (romantic comedy), GRADUATION (comedy). And others! Treatments are available upon request!

Follow BEING Film on

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Horror TV Shows to Binge on this Summer

Summer is upon us and if you're like me and don't do the whole "fun in the sun" thing then TV binge watching is probably on your summer to do list. As a serial binge watcher I find that some shows really benefit from a binge watch, rather than a forced weekly view. So, I figured instead of gorging yourself on Walking Dead reruns, there are several great horror shows that deserves a binge view when you are wanting to avoid the sun.

The Addams Family - Do I really need to explain why you need to binge watch The Addams Family? How can you not love a completely devoted family that just so happens to love the darker things in life. From Uncle Fester's adventures, witnessing Lurch's range of emotions to the episode where Morticia and Gomez meet for the first time, it is a great trip down memory lane with America's first Gothic Family. You can catch up with the kooky and spooky family on

iZombie - As horror fans we are starting to feel the zombie burn....out. The Walking Dead is such a massive juggernaut in horror tv it feels any other zombie show will pale in comparison (yes, pun intended). Based off the Vertigo comic, iZombie tells the story of Liv Moore (that pun is possibly intended), who is on the fast track to success as a doctor, until she attends a boat party, gets scratched and wakes up in a body bag with the realization that she is a zombie. Now with being part of the living put on hold, Liv changes paths from the ER to the morgue in order to have access to brains. But brain access comes with a price in having the ability to have vision of those she has eaten, which in turn helps her solve crimes. I will admit I went into it with a bit of an "eye roll" because it's the CW and well although they gave us Arrow...well it's the CW. After watching the first episode and the second episode onto the third and so on I really felt in Liv's world, the crimes are not CSI level, but you really don't want them to be. A lot of the show is Liv and her charm and how she deals with an ex-fiancee, a morgue boss, solving crimes and just trying to live as the undead. It is light and fun, which is a nice departure from the Ricktatorship we are all used to. You can jump on the slab with current episodes at and

Bates Motel - When the notion of a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho being made and that it would be set in present day, there were a lot of grumbles from horror fans (me included) that wondered how this could possibly work. With the 3rd season wrapped up it's safe to say that the folks at A&E are getting it right. They have cleverly and successfully wove the complicated and at times intimate relationship of Norman Bates and his mother and set it in a town that is far from idealic. Throughout the seasons Norman's mental stability is always in question, which really provides the suspense and overall tone of the show. I will tell you there is a slow burn buildup, which is why this show really benefits from a binge watch. You can check in to the Bates Motel on Netflix.

Hannibal - If you haven't been following any type of social media then you have probably missed the raving reviews and the undying praise of this horror show. I am the first to admit I was skeptical when I first heard about this, but like Bates Motel I gave it a view and it was love from the end of episode one. I have to hand it to NBC and Bryan Fuller they know how to put together a stylish, Gothic, suspense fulled show that revolves around a cannibal. The Walking Dead really made horror shows have to step up in terms of gore shown on screen. The beauty of Hannibal is the horror is not gore for the sake of gore, it perfectly fits into the story and at times a true form of art. The dynamic between Hannibal and Will has spawned a thousand fanfics and rightfully so, this to me is one of the best horror television shows out there and it's worth every bite. The third season starts on June 4th and you can dine with Hannibal on Amazon Prime.

Darknet - I know technically this wouldn't be considered a television series, but it is to good not to mention. Darknet intertwines varying horror tales from a cheating spouse, a guy trying to get to work, a woman who maybe being stalked and more all with a central component, the website Darknet. This show reminded me of how much I still miss watching Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside on television.  I really enjoyed this series way more than I thought I would, which is always fun to find those hidden jewels in horror and with only 6 episodes with a running time of about 25 minutes it is quite easy to polish it off in an afternoon. You can log on to Darknet at Netflix.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - If you've watched every episode or have never seen a single one then summertime is the best time to catch up on The Chosen One. In every generation there is a chosen one to battle the forces of evil and our Chosen One is Buffy Summers. Even after all these years Buffy is still the kick ass girl we all want to be! She has fought creatures from A to Z and everything in between and faced challenges we all have faced in one way or another. A lot of credit can be given to Joss Whedon, who helped hone one of the best female horror tv characters of all time and she deserves a binge watch all year long! You can have a stake in Buffy over on Netflix and

Grimm - Nick Burkhart is a Seattle police detective who also happens to be a Grimm, which means Nick has the ability to see creatures, known as Wesen that are hidden by the human eye. Told of his past by his dying aunt, Nick inherits her trailer, which holds the mythology and ways of death for a variety of Wesen that Nick encounters though out the seasons. As Nick tries to keep everyone safe and his secret under wraps things get really complicated and he is forced to make some life changing decisions. Grimm has taken a nice progression in terms of setting up the characters and mythology. This is a rare show that has been a solid series throughout and can be unveiled on Hulu.

Witches of East End - I already know what you are going to say, but sometimes a horror fan needs a little soap opera style drama that only Lifetime can provide. Adapted from the Melissa de la Cruz's books, The Witches of East End tells the story of Joanne and her daughters Freya and Ingrid, who are powerful witches, but the daughters may not know that and as Joanna tries desperately to keep that secret from them all foes from the past appear and secrets are revealed. I originally started watching this because it had Madchen Amick in it, who plays Wendy, Joanna's sister, but I stuck around because it was interesting with the combination of current and past lives, plus as we know in horror nothing is ever really dead. It only lasted 2 seasons, which makes it a nice length for a binge watch. The witches are casting spells on Netflix.

Honorable Mention Horror TV
Already watched the above recommendations? Or those not what you are looking for, then to save you the pain of a writeup here are some TV shows that also worth a binge view.

Let me know what you are binge watching or if I missed a few @horrorevilqueen

Monday, June 1, 2015

Free Online Course on FX's The Strain

The Canvas Network is offering a free.....yes free online course involving FX's vampire series The Strain. Based off Guillermo Del Toro's and Chuck Hogan's book and later expanded into a comic series, The Strain delves into the pandemic of a vampire virus. This online course covers 3 areas Parasitic Invasion,Disease Dynamic and Cyber Attacks.

You have the option to choose from just one of the areas or take all 3, the course will consist of lectures, quizzes, forum discussions and more. You will even receive a badge for each area you complete and have an (optional) opportunity to present a project on what you have learned. The course begins June 22nd and runs through October 1st, with enrollment being free!

To get more info or to register for the class checkout Canvas Network Presents: Fight or Die: The Science Behind FX's The Strain

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer

We have eagerly been awaiting it's arrival and now we have a taste of Ash......and it looks bloody good!

Ash vs. Evil Dead will air on  Starz!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Get Rich and Buy This! Horror Statue Edition

In this first edition of Get Rich and Buy This! It's horror statues time. As horror expands further into the mainstream so do all the collectibles and there are some amazing things to collect. From action figures, commissioned art, shirts, posters and everything in between it's a great time to be a horror fan! I wanted to share several of the horror statues that I have come across and hope to own one day. Granted, you don't need to win the lottery to buy these, but it sure would help!

Click the links to order, pre-order or for further information on the statues and busts.


Hellraiser the ultimate curiosity killed the cat movie....with a puzzlebox. But, it also gave birth to one of the great horror icons of all time Pinhead. Even though the franchise has had it's hits and misses I still love Pinhead and all the Cenobites. Thankfully Sideshow Collectibles has found a truly glorious way to honor Pinhead in all his hellish glory. This Premium Format 21 inch statue is so lifelike and detailed I am ready to hear him condemn my soul to hell! Pinhead springs from the bowels of Hell for delivery in October.

Alien Big Chap Bust

If you were currently traveling in space no one would be able to hear you scream for joy over this Alien Big Chap bust. The Alien franchise helped us embrace our love for all things xenomorph and gave us a whole new concept to the phrase "free hugs". Like the Pinhead statue, this is another Sideshow working so you know the bust is spot on in accuracy of H.R. Giger's creature. The Big Chap bust is available now to burst through your horror collection!

McFarland The Walking Dead Michonne Resin Statue

There is no bigger zombie ass kicker than The Walking Dead's Michonne. She slices and dices with such ease it makes us all relish our turn in the zombie apocalypse. But, until that day comes there is a statue that can be a motivational totem for all you would be Michonne's.  This McFarland 14 inch resin statue is limited to only 1500 so unlike the zombie outbreak this will be a limited run. So, I say put your money down now before the zombies are chopping at your flesh!


I'm a Death Dealer.......I will be the first to tell you that I have no shame in loving this franchise and with the announcement of a fifth movie there is no better time to own Selene then now! I have been eyeballing this statue for quite sometime and I can tell you the moment I hit the lottery this is the first item in my online shopping cart! This statue is distributed through Hollywood Collectibles, which has several other Underworld statues. Selene is 24 inches, hand detailed and has a limited run of only 750 pieces.

American Werewolf in London Bust

Does it get anymore iconic than the werewolf from American Werewolf in London. Rick Baker's take on the transformation from human to Lycan is still unmatched and changed the way horror special effects were done. I have seen several werewolf statues and busts, but none of them look like they could attack me at any moment, which to me is a big part of it's draw. Sadly though according to the Monster Galaxy website this is currently not available, but it still would be amazing to have this in your horror collection.

P.S. This site also has a full scale Lycan, which of course is not available either, but it is worth a checkout and a bit of a drool over!

Share the horror statues you would like to buy if money were no object! Hit me up on Twitter @horrorevilqueen

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Support Horror: Mixtape Massacre on Kickstarter

Kickstarter: Mixtape Massacre

One of my guilty pleasures is playing games, especially board games. I have played all sorts of games, but being a huge horror fan I didn't really feel like their was a solid board game for my genre. Sure there are horror games out there if you are really into zombies (which I am), but how many times can you play Rick Grimes until you, yourself starts feeling like a zombie. Now it seems horror fans screams have been answered with Mixtape Massacre! If you love 80's horror and honestly what horror fan doesn't then this game is nostalgia wrapped up in a bloody good time!

Developed by Bright Light Media, Mixtape Massacre is 2-6 player, tabletop game where you get to be the killer and with killers like The Legend, Sarah, Stitches, Smiley, Thorne, Prom Queen, Nightmare and Hatchling you and your horror friends will be fighting over who you get to be more than regular folks fight over being the dog in the Monolopy game. Once you choose your character you are ready to slice and dice your way through the town of Tall Oaks leaving a trail of destruction and blood in your wake!

This Kickstater has some amazing incentives with a stretch goal of unleashing an additional horror character, Dr. Ravenous! Checkout the Kickstater link below to get all the gory details because this game is going to be as much fun as that time Angela went to summer camp!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Price of a Celebrity Autograph

The Price of a Celebrity Autograph

Last weekend I spent my time at the Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati. Horrorhoud has always been a great place for fans to get together and celebrate all things horror through celebrity interactions, panels, cosplay and vendor merchandise. There are also movie screenings, contests and just general horror goodness all around. But, sadly all good things must end and after the dust settles and fans go back home the outpouring of loving or hating parts of a con come out all over social media. I will be the first to admit I participate in these conversations whether it be good or bad. But, it appears that the one thing that is always a topic of contention with horror fans and even with people in general is celebrity autograph pricing. Attitudes on this subject range from "I would never pay for an autograph" to "How do I balance my con money when I want an autograph from everyone". I'll start off by saying I buy autographs and I have no shame in this nor do I think I am being scammed nor do I think it is ridiculous to pay for one, nor do I feel anyone should be made to feel guilty for purchasing one. Here's why I don't have an issue with it, because I pay for the experience not the autograph. 

Now, I know what people say "Your the fan they should give you the experience for free you shouldn't have to pay for them to sign their name on an item for you" or "These celebrities have tons of money why are they taking it from fans". This logic would be true if I am getting an autograph from an A-list, top tier actor, but I'm not. Acting is rarely a steady paying gig especially for horror actors. Some of these actors at cons are using this con experience to make some extra money in down times from acting or to help fund their next project. So, I am really not going to fault anyone for trying to make a little extra money, which I know that is something that people can't get past. The way I have always looked at purchasing an autograph is that I am not just paying them to put pen to paper I am standing in their line handing over my money because I am a fan first and I want to support them. I am a fangirl through and through and when I am a fan of you I support you whether it's buy your movie, book, merchandise, pledge on your Kickstarter, retweet, share your status on upcoming projects or even paying for an autograph. I also don't just pay for an autograph and walk away with just a signed picture or poster. I walk away with a solidified memory of the entire experience from the "hello" to the "good bye". 

Let's face facts I can barely remember the days of the week, but I can remember what John Landis said to me when he signed my American Werewolf in London dvd cover over 4 years ago. It's been 5 years later and I am still excited about the conversation I had with Greg Nicotero when he was signing my Grindhouse poster (which was before the Walking Dead hit). I remember meeting Danielle Harris at one con and 6 months later going to her table at a different con and her remembering me! I will never forget the Soska sisters yelling at me while I stood in their line waiting to get their autograph telling me how much they loved my American Mary cosplay and how Norman Reedus introduced himself to me as if I didn't already know who he was. I have so many amazing memories of my interactions with people I am fan of I could go on forever about them. 

It really all boils down to there is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to purchasing or not purchasing an autograph. It is really up to you the individual and how you choose to support that celebrity. I will tell you that I don't ever look at my Walking Dead poster and think this item has over $300 worth of signatures on it and think I shouldn't have had to pay for any of those. I look at it and I think of all the great interactions I have had with everyone who signed it and to me that is priceless.

Have a great con story? I would love to hear it! You can hit me up on twitter @horrorevilqueen or on my tumblr page